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Global player and leader in smart sewing threads and yarns industry. With more than 10 years of rich experiences, iSew always focusing on R&D, production and sales of sewing threads and yarns, insist on providing customers with one-stop purchasing solutions and better services. We established 5000 square meters world-class workshop, selection of imported environment-friendly raw materials is the source of stable performance of our products, advanced monofilament drawing equipment developed by ourselves is used to improve the quality to highest level. We also have unique molding technology. We can 100% guaranteed that every cone of sewing thread able to meet the standards of similar products of international brands and the cost being in half. Now iSew has become the preferred supplier for customers' strategic partners.

Main Products

High strength polyester thread, pearl light thread, waxed thread and semi-micro waxed thread, N66 and N6 bonded thread, polyester bonded, braided thread and mark thread, special function threads, the products are widely used in shoes, leather goods, handbags, woven belts, wire weaving, sports goods, clothing and other industries.

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    More than 10 years of development

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Technological innovation

Unique and flexible molding technology

Raw materials: Under the guidance of international standards, we select and identify the quality of all raw materials by classification to ensure that they meet the certification requirements.

Dyeing and finishing: Our own professional environmental protection dyeing factory adds auxiliary agents to finalize the dyeing process to make the threads more smooth.

Stretching: Digital oil control to ensure that threads cover oil evenly 

Winding: Use physical roller to cover oil again , for improve the oil performance

Research and development innovation

Own designed draw winding and draw heat setting machine are for technical and twisted filament yarns such as sewing threads, which can be tailored-made for technical as well as apparel applications.

The key features of machine are:

high energy efficiency

individual spindle / feeder speed control




upgrade possibility to adapt to changing market requirements

Furthermore, the process reduces wavyness of the thread after dying, therefore helps to increase the running performance of the sewing thread.


Various certifications prove that quality management, process safety, environmental protection and sustainability are the compass points of our everyday work – from the fitting out of our locations to every single step in production.

We have our compliance with quality, safety and environmental protection requirements certified through strict ISO and SGS certifications.

The chemicals of our threads all according to the EU regulation or rules. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX identifies the environmental compatibility of all Isew products.